8 Tips From GaryVee on How To Crush It Online?

Best tips from Gary Vaynerchuk aka GaryVee about crushing it online. I have been watching Gary’s videos and Instagram livestreams for quite a while and I always make notes on the best tips that I can apply for my freelance videography business and online strategy.

I wanted to put them all in one place and I thought that you might find it helpful too! So here it goes:

1. YouTube is a search engine

I have recently done an experiment with my clients’ YouTube. I started publishing 5 to 6 times per week rather than just 3 times per week and their views and subscribers got up!

I also took advantage of YouTube stories which I can’t access myself with my channel as I don’t have 10k subscribers. You can help me get to 1000 subscribers by subscribing to my channel. Thank you so much.

2. Share your story online

I am planning to do this, for now I’m recording podcasts where I share funny stories, fails from my early career as well as tips for freelancers. You can listen to it here.

3. Don’t mind having 4 views in the beginning

People change people’s lives.

4. DM people on Instagram and give them value

Get dirty. Message 500 people per day, think about how you structure the message because you can’t see the full message on Instagram. Be strategic.

A lot of people give you no response or they will take your value and don’t care but from those 500 someone might be really interested in your business, in your products, personality. Maybe a collaboration will happen, a recommendation and so on.

5. You are 1 content away from success

Maybe you are 1 course away from the offer from training centre, university. Maybe you are 1 e-book away from a publisher discovering you.
Maybe you are 1 blog away from a celebrity discovering your business.

I have created the ultimate guide on becoming a professional videographer and I’m selling it currently for £5.

However, once you buy the book, you receive a Google doc, which is updated on a monthly basis. I keep adding new content to it so you pay once but you get new content every month for free.

You can check it out on Amazon Kindle or quicker, easier way is on Gumroad here.

6. Give, give, give

Nike doesn’t promote shoes, they promote athletes. They promote the athletics, the beauty of it.

(I think this was said by Steve Jobs, but it ended in my notes).

You can’t be selfish on social media.

7. Go slow

Go slow. Fall in love with slow.

Upload videos, in 40 years you might get to a million but you will get there. Think about how it will be in 10 years. Your videos won’t have just 10 views for 10 years.

8. Become a reality tv star

Don’t showcase your most beautiful photos of nature on Instagram. People want to see you. They are interested in your life. If they want to see the nature, they go outside. But if they want to see you, they go to your Instagram.

I will share my notes next time when I listen and watch Gary because I love his content so much.

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