Not having any social media profiles; and or being uneducated on how to use them and how to take advantage of them, cost many musicians their promising career. But maybe there is a way to save it!

None the wiser

I understand that nobody anticipated pandemic coming into our lives. However, being ignorant towards social media in 2020 is not a good idea if you want to run/start and grow your brand.

Having sold out shows in clubs or small arenas is great but focusing on just one thing is very risky. …

It took me a lot of time to figure out how to price my services. I’m still kind of thinking about it with each project because every project and every client is different. I can give you some advice but this part is simply learning by trying. I can’t estimate how much time it will take you, how much phone calls, emails and meetings it will take for you to finish and deliver the product. But I can give you some tips which help you to estimate your price.

First of all, find out how much other people from your…

It was a year 2000. I was 9 years old and I have finally found the courage to join my hometown football team. I was very shy as a kid and I didn’t like trying new things. After watching girls training from the far, for my third visit I have decided to join them.

Before joining the club, every day for years I played football with my friends — male friends. I was becoming very good so my dad thought I should join a club. …

The theory and practice of sales was the first thing I have learnt on my journey of becoming a full-time freelancer. I can’t stress enough how important that was. First, you learn the skill: videography, graphic design, copywriting, programming, e-commerce and so on but then you need to learn how to sell what you can offer.

Learn from the best but recognize what suits your style

Some people like assertive selling, pushy selling or soft selling or brand building selling. If you don’t feel comfortable with following up your lead every week and you feel like it’s something you don’t want to do, don’t worry! …

Do you want to start podcasting but you don’t know how much money it will cost you? I’m going to show you the way it won’t cost you anything just your time. Keep reading if you want to find out how to create a high quality podcast on a zero budget.

Why start a podcast?

Podcasting is so cool right now that if you’re not doing it, you’re like out of this planet. The voice-first is booming online and it’s perfect for people who are too shy for the camera but still they want to promote their business.

You can listen to podcasts while…

We all have heroes in our lives. People we look up to, people who inspire us to becoming better persons. For younger audience, it’s usually celebrities or musicians, for older audience it might be philosophers, writers, composers and the family of course. But for me, it will always be two brave guys from my country who make me proud and give me courage to do anything I aim for every time I think of what they did.

It was 1942 and two Czechoslovak partisans came back to their home country after being trained by the British Intelligence for a very…

All of us can learn something big from Jonas Brothers. Whether you know them, like them or NOT, there is an incredible value they provide to all of us from the business as well as personal perspective.

Jonas Brothers recently made an incredible comeback and got back their careers and toured around the world. Do you think any of this would be possible without good marketing? No way. But what is good marketing?

Why document everything you do?

From the very beginning of their career in 2005, they have been filming every single event in their life as well as home/family life which started even…

Best tips from Gary Vaynerchuk aka GaryVee about crushing it online. I have been watching Gary’s videos and Instagram livestreams for quite a while and I always make notes on the best tips that I can apply for my freelance videography business and online strategy.

I wanted to put them all in one place and I thought that you might find it helpful too! So here it goes:

1. YouTube is a search engine

You need to create a huge amount of content and then you can appear in the search results. The more content you publish, the more you grow.

I have recently done an…

Being well prepared for an interview is half of the success already. If you think that writing your questions, setting up date and place is enough, I’ll prove you wrong in this article.

I’m a freelance videographer and have interviewed presidents, musicians, Miss World and I have learnt some very interesting things about how to approach and interview very successful people.

Do the Research

Watch as many interviews of an interviewee as you can before you even start writing the questions. You will learn from someone else’s mistakes as well as see what works for these people and when they get annoyed. Pay…

It is definitely a tough situation for all the freelancers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Not only in the UK but worldwide of course. However, we should not forget about the online world and its limitless posibilities. I am going to share some ideas with you in this article about creating content online and make the world see it. And of course making sales.

Everyone is watching videos right now

It is more important than ever to put your face online and create as much content as you can. I would strongly recommend to create videos when you think about creating any kind of content. …

Nicole Venglovicova

I’m a freelance video producer and lecturer based in London. Check out my stuff and subscribe to my YouTube channel:

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