Heathrow Chaos: Here’s What You Need to Know

Nicole Venglovicova
4 min readJun 19, 2022

I missed 3 flights last Friday from Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 to Belfast City. Domestic flight, no biggie, I thought. Let me take you through what happened so you don’t make the same mistake.

I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 2 Friday morning before 8 AM, went to Flybe check in, checked my luggage and went to the security queue which at that point was leading towards the main entrance.

When I finally got to the security check point where you scan your boarding pass, it said that I am in the wrong zone. Security was telling me I have to leave because it’s the wrong flight. They sent me back to Flybe kiosk.

Flybe staff told me I should just go through security and ignore what they told me — which was quite ridiculous. They concluded that at this point, I’m too late for my flight but I will still catch it...?? The flights are usually couple minutes delayed so I was thinking I am ok, plus I thought they have a communication with their colleagues to let them know I’m on my way. Wrong assumption.

I ran to my Gate and there was nobody there. Like not even a trace of a human being. It felt like the flight has left some time ago. I thought they do have my luggage on board but I found out they haven’t actually put it on the plane in the first place. Was it because it was gone already? Then why they sent me through security when they knew I’m not gonna be able to board my flight??

There were 2 more flights I could take within 2 hours, however, getting out of this departure zone, a different way than just get on the airplane, is very tricky. I couldn’t find a single Heathrow employee to help me and tell me what to do. Airline kiosks were for overseas flights and Flybe didn’t have a kiosk there.

I went to the Assistance section and Heathrow employee escorted me upstairs. A security upstairs told me I have to go back downstairs because I can’t go through this entrance. I went back downstairs but I just couldn’t find anyone to help me.

I went back to the Gate of Flybe and finally there was an employee who could help me. He informed me that my…



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