Films and TV Shows That Help You Cope with Grief

Nicole Venglovicova
4 min readApr 2, 2022

She is one of the Avengers, getting her own TV show on Disney+ (WandaVision) but not shy away from small budget production of a limited mini-series for Facebook Watch about grief and loss. I’m talking about beloved villain in the Marvel Universe Elizabeth Olsen aka Scarlet Witch!

I think a lot of people just see Marvel, money, blockbusters but what I see is the real purpose and I’m saying it because I’m very thankful that Elizabeth took on the role in Sorry for your loss back in 2018 and brought the awareness of mental health and suicide to the surface for everyone to see as it is available on Facebook Watch for free.

Elizabeth Olsen in Sorry for your loss

You have no idea how this mini-series helped me personally as I was going through like almost the same scenario as the main character Leigh Shaw. The mini-series made me feel like I’m not the only one, I could relate to it so strongly and Elizabeth played it so well.

When did Elizabeth Olsen get involved with grief on screen?

Elizabeth Olsen started in independent films and we haven’t really seen her in Hollywood blockbusters or commercially successful films early in her career. In the Hot Ones interview she even mentioned filming the horror film Silent house in 2011 was the worst experience she ever had. And she was thinking of going back to theatre.

It all changed when she became an Avenger and casted as Scarlet Witch! And made her debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Elizabeth Olsen in The Winter Soldier

Followed by Godzilla — not my favourite. Not to mention Aaron Taylor-Johnson who played Elizabeth’s husband also played her brother in the Avengers!!! I’m glad they killed him, it was too weird.

Going into Age of Ultron where she officialy became a villain. And that’s when the death and grief starts when her brother Pietro gets killed…

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