How Can Jonas Brothers Save Us All

All of us can learn something big from Jonas Brothers. Whether you know them, like them or NOT, there is an incredible value they provide to all of us from the business as well as personal perspective.

Jonas Brothers recently made an incredible comeback and got back their careers and toured around the world. Do you think any of this would be possible without good marketing? No way. But what is good marketing?

Why document everything you do?

From the very beginning of their career in 2005, they have been filming every single event in their life as well as home/family life which started even from their early childhood.

With a huge comeback, they dropped not only new album but also the full documentary about their career. I have actually never heard of them before in my life but music documentaries are my cup of tea so I thought why not to see what the whole fuss isabout.

Chasing Happiness

Let me tell you this documentary called Chasing Happiness available on Amazon Prime — actually that is why I signed up for Prime, is the best piece of documentary I have ever seen.

Reasons? These boys have documented everything including their early childhood, all their talents evolving, family growing, setbacks, moving, miseries, struggle. They have so much footage from even before their career started that I felt like I was watching a movie not a documentary.

I have never ever seen such a documented life of anybody. The key and secret to success is documenting everything even wehn you’re nobody and you have no idea whether you become somebody one day.

Because when you do, you can blow the whole world away with the footage from old times which don’t show the glamour you have now but it shows how miserable you were and how hard you worked.

Document for your business

Imagine that your business or brand will be famous all around the world in 10 years. Wouldn’t you like to have some footage of you struggling at 3 am to get the projects done?

Imagine that you would see how Freddie Mercury was brainstorming and drawing logo of Queen. Wouldn’t that be beneficial to aspiring designers to see the process of creating an iconic logo?

How about seeing a vlog from Lady GaGa when she was dropped from the record label of LA Reid? Her feelings, emotions, anger or a will to fight? Stuggling musicians would be inspired and pushed by seeing this.

What about seeing how Michael Jackson practices the Moonwalk for the first time and maybe saying few words to it? Dancers from all around the world would be more innovative after seeing this video.

If one day we can find George Mallory’s camera, we will know whether he was the first person in history to climb Mount Everest. How about if we saw the footage of them preparing for this, talking, climbing?

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Document for your family

This gives you advantage over everyone else as well. I would suggest to you during these times where you have to be locked in your house doing almost nothing, take your camera or phone and document everything. If you don’t want to use it for your business, just think about showing it to the next generations of your family.

Your kids, nieces, nephwes, grandkids will ask why you haven’t been filming your life when you had all the possibilities available to your hand? When I was a child, my parents didn’t have any kind of video camera. They had to borrow it from someone else so they made a short documentary of couple of days in my life as a child. Other than that, I have absolutely NO MEMORIES or footage from the age of 3 to 19 years old. Except for around 20 photographs.

This is just rididolous and it makes me want to cry sometimes.

I feel like my childhood didn’t exist and when my parents are gone, there will be nobody to tell me funny or interesting stories from when I was a kid.

Let me tell you that it is your duty to document your life not only for the business purpose but for your personal one too.

That is why I have decided to start a Quarantine documentary called Quarantine Diary where I document something every single day and I put into episodes.

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