How much Biggest Streamers on Kick Earn?

Nicole Venglovicova
3 min readAug 28

The buzz around’s deals with streamers has been nothing short of sensational. Rumors are swirling, figures are being inflated, and the truth seems elusive. So, what’s really going on? Are these deals as lucrative as they appear, or is it all part of a marketing strategy? Let’s delve into the details.

The Numbers Game

The most eye-popping rumor suggested a $150 million deal, while at the other end of the spectrum, ordinary streamers are said to be making $16 per hour. But what’s the real story? A deep dive into multiple sources reveals a different picture.

For instance, streamer Adin Ross was initially rumored to have a $150 million deal with However, multiple sources report that he actually earns $10 million annually from Kick, along with a $2 million bonus.

The Fousey Phenomenon

Another streamer making headlines is Fousey, who recently experienced a series of dramatic events, including an arrest and a stint in a mental health hospital. Despite these setbacks, Fousey remains a compelling figure in the streaming world. Known for his dynamic personality and 24/7 streaming schedule, he initially had a reported $15 million deal. This figure was later revised to $33 million, live on stream.

Fousey attributes the bump to bonuses and special arrangements due to his round-the-clock streaming. With an audience of 30,000 viewers at any given time,’s decision to sign him seems justified, even considering his recent controversies.

The Reigning Champ: xQc

The highest-paid streamer on is xQc, also known as Félix Lengyel, who inked a $100 million deal. Remarkably, this deal is non-exclusive, allowing him to continue streaming on Twitch.

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