How To Create Podcast On Zero Budget

Do you want to start podcasting but you don’t know how much money it will cost you? I’m going to show you the way it won’t cost you anything just your time. Keep reading if you want to find out how to create a high quality podcast on a zero budget.

Why start a podcast?

Podcasting is so cool right now that if you’re not doing it, you’re like out of this planet. The voice-first is booming online and it’s perfect for people who are too shy for the camera but still they want to promote their business.

You can listen to podcasts while in the gym, driving a car, before sleeping, during cooking and you don’t need to pay attention with your eyes which makes it less demanding than a visual medium.

These are big advantages of podcasts when comparing to videos BUT videos is number one medium for online success still and it will be. If you also want to give it a try with video but you’re a bit shy, I have created a perfect guide for people like you. I have over 2000 students enrolled on it. You can have a look at my course

But if you want to take it step by step, it’s time to create your podcast first.

Why there are over 1 million podcast shows?

Because people listen. Huge demand means huge production. Of course that means there is a hell of a lot of competition but on the other hand not being part of it at all is much worse.

How to start a podcast?

The biggest podcast platforms currently are Apple iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Blubrry, Soundcloud and many more. These are all paid but I’ll show you the way how to go around it to get you started.

Ok, here are the things you need to create a high quality podcast on a zero budget:

  • A smartphone
  • Small quiet room
  • Laptop
  • Soundcloud account (create for free)
  • Podcast graphics ‘poster’
  • Idea/structure/interesting topic of what you want to say

The title says it all

First of, think about the name of your podcast. Try to Google if there is a podcast with the same name and if there is, I would suggest you to think of something else.

Each episode should have a subtitle so think about good SEO friendly subtitle for the topics you talk about.

Free account on Anchor FM

Create a free account on if you don’t have one. Nicely fill out your profile, it’s good for SEO so people can discover you and your podcast.

Download the Anchor app to your phone.

How to record?

Find a quiet room with no distractions and it should be small because bigger rooms create an echo or background noise.

Don’t even think about it recording your podcast outside.

You can directly record it and upload with Anchor app on your phone. Open Anchor FM app and record your podcast. Hold your phone close to your mouth. The microphone is placed at the bottom of your phone so talk right into it. Nice and clear. If you make a mistake, continue. There are so many podcasts online which keep that raw style and people don’t mind at all. Seriously, they cough, they make silly mistakes but they keep it in the recording.

You can buy an external microphone for literally £10 to £20 on Amazon, but let’s keep this zero budget.

You can also record directly into software like Adobe Audition and then upload it to Anchor FM to distribute it.

How to edit your podcast?

If you don’t have editing software and you can’t afford a video-editor, either get in touch with me at or make it perfect and raw and literally upload it without editing.

I would suggest that podcast episode should be longer than 15 minutes and the limit for the longest episode is probably not important.

The longer the better but if it’s shorter than 1 hour, for example, it’s more probable you will do it more often.

I try to keep my episode between 30 to 45 minutes long. I was playing around with it so I have episodes 17 minutes long, 30 minutes long and also 45 minutes.

Don’t forget to mention your name, the name of the podcast, name of the episode and also some contact details for contacting you. It’s better if you spell it if it’s complicated :)

Create a digital poster for your podcast

Once you recorded your podcast, you need some kind of catchy nice graphics with the tile of your podcast. As keeping it on zero budget, I would suggest take a photo of you relating to your podcast. People should know what’s it about when they look at your photo.

And then you can simply edit it in your phone, add title to it and you’re all set up! Upload the photo to your episode and podcast, fill the description and you’re ready to share it with the world!

Start your podcast today

Anchor FM is absolutely free to use as it’s powered by Spotify. You also get a basic analytics to measure the success of your marketing strategy.

Distribution of a podcast

Distribution of a podcast couldn’t be easier with Anchor. It takes one click to automatically publish the podcast to the main players platforms like Google, Apple, Spotify.

You need to manually upload your podcast to Soundcloud and Amazon Podcasts.

Once you have published your podcast, share it everywhere. Ok I know it seems obvious but what I mean is: write a blog about on Medium, your website and I mean at least 1000 word blogs not 300 word blogs. Why? Because only with long article you can make your SEO stronger and compete with other podcasts.

I have created the whole page on my website dedicated to and I share all the episodes there and I also publish a new blog on each one.

If you have a YouTube channel, film a video about your podcast and leave the link below in the description, create Instagram and Facebook post and story about your podcast linking to it of course.

Share it on Twitter and LinkedIn and you can also send it by email to your friends, clients of anyone related to the topic of your podcast who would be interested.

Get one day online training on Podcasting

I currently train Podcasting online or in-class (London Bridge) and you’re more than welcome to join! You can book this course via my email or visit and ask for me as a trainer when you book :)

If you have any questions or editing queries, feel free to contact me on and you can listen to it’s called Girl with a camera and I talk all things freelancing, having a job in the video industry, finding clients, funny stories from my road trips and so on :) If you listen to it, thank you for listening I appreciate it and feel free to let me know what you think.

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