How to make $2,000 a month with Youtube with only 5,000 subs?

Nicole Venglovicova
4 min readAug 25

From Side Hustle to Full-Time Income: Jimmy Smith’s Journey on AskJimmySmith on my podcast Girl with a camera: The Hustlers Club.

Jimmy Smith, the creator behind the YouTube channel AskJimmySmith, recently shared his journey from starting a side hustle to achieving a full-time income.

In addition to his success story, he also discussed the challenges and lessons learned, including a significant loss of revenue when he started publishing Shorts. Here’s a look at the key takeaways from the conversation.

The Power of Engagement

— Jimmy emphasized the importance of engaging with his audience, responding to comments, and building a community on AskJimmySmith. He believes that even a small, engaged audience can be more valuable than a large, disengaged one.
— He also shared how hosting giveaways and contests helped drive engagement and increase subscribers.

The Importance of Content Quality

— While SEO, titles, and thumbnails are essential, Jimmy believes that content quality is paramount. He stressed that creators should focus on serving their audience with valuable content rather than getting caught up in perfecting SEO and other technical aspects.

The Value of Long-Form Content

— In an age where short-form content like TikToks and Instagram Reels dominates, Jimmy highlighted the enduring value of long-form content on YouTube. He sees long-form content as a way to provide more substantial value and build deeper relationships with viewers.

The Challenge of Shorts and Revenue Recovery

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