How To Pitch And Get Attention? Feat. Danny Drysdale & The Killers

I went nuts with it and I thought if they don’t think I’m visual after seeing this I don’t know I give up I give up…

but it worked. It did somehow I think because of the song too. There was an emotional thing with the song that I really linked up to so that’s how that happened.

And then I got a follow-up. So Brandon called me and the conversation shall forever remain secret. (laugh)

I want to say what he said but it was cool, we just talked about the song and what he was trying to do. It was a great song on the album but I hadn’t thought about it the way he described it and he wanted me to bring something new to it.

The Killers on set of Human

I’m trying to extend the song beyond the norm through the video because the song is the most important element.

Me: You said they hated the edit but you didn’t do anything about it. This is the version that we see now or did you or did you change it?



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Nicole Venglovicova

Nicole Venglovicova

I’m a freelance video producer and media trainer based in London.