The Oscars: Violence, Sign Language and Ukraine

Nicole Venglovicova
2 min readMar 28, 2022

CODA winning best picture! Who cares! Will Smith just smacked the sh*t out of Chris Rock! Again the society is divided on whether this was right or wrong.

And by the way Zelensky didn’t show up. Thank god. This is not a political campagin, this is entertainment. Welll then Zelensky should have shown up maybe with the same stunt he performed at Ukraine talent show playing the piano with his penis.

Anyway! Sean Penn is now smelting his Oscar apparently as he tried to blackmail The Academy to put Zelensky on. This trend of blackmailing organisations and companies if they don’t do what you want is absolutely ridiculous.

Honestly, what Will did was the best way to throw shade at Best picture. Not that he did it intentionally. The film (CODA) made 1.1 million in the box office! I got a Moonlight flash back…

The bottom line — Will’s wife has alopecia, loss of hair. I believe jokes should be limited, especially when it comes to health conditions. Imagine making fun of Troy Kotsur on being deaf. You would never do that.

Not to mention Rebel Wilson commented on Will Smith at BAFTAs to add wood to the fire. Will couldn’t hit her though, not because she’s a woman but because he wasn’t at BAFTAs.

However is it not ok to hit someone on live television, I mean do it in private.

I think Will Smith just didn’t give a damn anymore, like he just won an Oscar, if the career is over, it was a good one.

Will apologised afterwards saying love will make you do crazy things and Denzel gave him some tips during breaks. As Will quoted him: At your highest moment be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you.

Other winners include no surprise of Summer of soul, the long goodbye, Encanto, Drive my car, Ariana Debose, Belfast — my Harry Potter least lovable character ever Kenneth Branagh.

Adapted screenplay, CODA.

Visual effects DUNE, was it more work than Spiderman? Nah.

Cinematography - no female will ever win

Costume Cruella — yes

Editing, production design and sound — Dune.

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