Visiting Freddie Mercury’s House in London: Is It a Tourist Attraction?

Nicole Venglovicova
4 min readApr 26, 2023

The location of Freddie Mercury’s house is well known to many Londoners as well as people visiting it from around the world. Why do people go there? Isn’t Freddie dead for over 30 years?

The first time I visited London I did go to Freddie’s house in Kensington as well. Just like any other tourist who is a Queen fan. It looked very different from what it is now as it had a lot of letters, messages, postcards, drawings, and wishes behind the plastic cover on the wall fence.

Mary Austin who inherited the house decided to stop this a couple of years back. She painted the fence and the doors again and it’s not allowed to write on it anymore.

Why do tourists from around the world visit the place?

However, people still come to the place where the legend lived and died to breathe a little atmosphere and go back in time. I could see many young people and older people with their teenage kids. Being a fan is trading from generation to generation.

Also, it is believed that part of Freddie’s ashes are buried under the big Cherry tree in the garden.

On Freddie Mercury’s birthday in September, people bring flowers and light candles. They also gather outside and sing a couple of songs while having a good time.

Where is Freddie Mercury’s house situated?

The house is called Garden Lodge, situated at 1 Logan Place, and was built in 1908. Freddie bought it for £500,000 in cash back in 1980. It is estimated to be worth £20 million today. It is 2 storeys high with 8 bedrooms and a studio. The British intelligence operative moved there during the Second World War and hosted many MI5 employees.

The city highway through West London is just around 50 metres away but it still doesn’t interfere with peace and quiet around the house…



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