Were You Waiting For The End Of The World? Now It’s Here, So Stop F*cking Wasting Your Time

It is definitely a tough situation for all the freelancers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Not only in the UK but worldwide of course. However, we should not forget about the online world and its limitless posibilities. I am going to share some ideas with you in this article about creating content online and make the world see it. And of course making sales.

Everyone is watching videos right now

It is more important than ever to put your face online and create as much content as you can. I would strongly recommend to create videos when you think about creating any kind of content. Not only because I’m a videographer but because statistics are not faking it, you know.

Why create an online course on Udemy?

Number one thing for everyone to do is to create an online course and publish it on Udemy. Why Udemy? Because it is the easiest way to publish a course and there are no hidden fees to it. They take percentage of money once you sell a course but otherwise you don’t pay anyting.

Why not write an e-book?

Once you create an online course, you have the material for your e-book. Or you can do it other way around, so you can actually write an e-book first and then based on that, you can create an online course.

Why not share your story with the world?

You think you have nothing to write about? B****t. Everyone has a story and you need to share it. Now it is the time. Were you waiting for the end of the world? Well now it’s here, so stop f*cking wasting your time crying and worrying but take action.

How to create audiobook?

It is like a domino. Once you have the e-book, you can easily create an audiobook. Just read your book to your phone, record the chapters and publish. Make sure you are in a quiet room and you hold your phone close to your mouth. If you need help editing the recordings, again write me to my email: nicole@nicoleven.com.

Is podcast a good idea?

Basically, it can be your preparation for your first audiobook or it can be the audiobook itself. Either way it is a good way to put yourself out there in any kind of online or audio-visual form.

Start a YouTube channel

Don’t tell me you have no YouTube channel. Well, if it’s true, now is the time to get it done. The biggest mistake, though, is to think that you will upload your videos and they will get tens of thousand views in few days. And if they don’t because they won’t, you stop doing it.

Should I post on Instagram?

Yes! Forget about making money online for a second. I know it is important but you have to give value to people before you start cashing out. Post Instagram stories, videos, do livestreams and stay in touch with your current clients and try to reach new people.

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