Where is the World’s Most Unique Football Stadium?

Nicole Venglovicova
2 min readAug 28

When you think of iconic football stadiums, your mind might wander to grand venues in countries with a rich footballing history. However, one of the most unique football stadiums in the world is tucked away in a small Slovakian village called Cierny Balog. This stadium defies convention in the most delightful way: it’s built right on train tracks.

The Landscape Challenge

Slovakia is renowned for its hilly and mountainous terrain, which makes constructing flat fields, especially in smaller towns and villages, a significant challenge. Add to that the necessity for public transport, and you’ve got quite the logistical puzzle.

A Stadium Like No Other

The ingenious residents of Cierny Balog decided to tackle both issues at once by constructing their football stadium directly on existing train tracks. This unique setup offers an unparalleled experience: when a train passes through, it momentarily halts the game, providing train passengers with an exceptional view of the match — often better than what the paying spectators in the stands get.

A Hidden Tourist Attraction

This unusual stadium has become a hidden gem and a tourist attraction in its own right. Yet, it remains relatively unknown on the global stage, preserving its local charm.

Home to TJ Tatran Football Club

Currently, the stadium serves as the home ground for TJ Tatran Football Club. Fortunately for logistical reasons, the club hasn’t qualified for any major leagues, sparing them the complexities of hosting high-profile teams like Liverpool FC. In a way, this has helped maintain the stadium’s unique, small-town allure.


The football stadium in Cierny Balog is a testament to human ingenuity and the love of sport. It’s a place where the game pauses for passing trains, and where train passengers become accidental spectators. Far from the bustling stadiums of major football nations, this quaint venue offers a one-of-a-kind experience that captures the essence of community and the unexpected joys of life.

Nicole Venglovicova

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