Why do so many people actually believe Dave Grohl is a Satanist?

Nicole Venglovicova
3 min readFeb 15, 2023

Since the death of Taylor Hawkins last year, the discussions about Dave Grohl never seem to rest. I know it sounds crazy but I am telling you that some people are genuinely convinced Dave Grohl and he sold his soul to the Devil.

I have made a video about the conspiracists on TikTok and my Youtube channel and I couldn’t believe the hundreds of comments I started receiving.

I mean, Dave Grohl is a known satanist. He wears an upside down cross necklace all the time, etc.

Maybe it was the deal dave got in 1995 when foo started that the time would come for one of them to be sacrificed?

Satanists sacrifice people and it’s not even a conspiracy theory. There are hundreds of police reports you can look up

Dave has played the devil one time too often and then with the 666 movie, he’s definitely playing with fire, literally.

People are driven by the fact that Foo Fighters made a movie called Studio 666, where Taylor Hawkins dies, and then shortly after the…



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