Why My Biggest Heroes Are Two Guys Born In 1912

We all have heroes in our lives. People we look up to, people who inspire us to becoming better persons. For younger audience, it’s usually celebrities or musicians, for older audience it might be philosophers, writers, composers and the family of course. But for me, it will always be two brave guys from my country who make me proud and give me courage to do anything I aim for every time I think of what they did.

It was 1942 and two Czechoslovak partisans came back to their home country after being trained by the British Intelligence for a very special mission. Not sure if anyone of them would think that this mission will create a history in the World War II.

The third hero is Josef Valcik who was also part of the assassination and died in a gunfire together with Jan and Jozef.

Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis were chosen to be the ones to execute the operation called Anthropoid. The operation’s main idea was to assassinate highly ranking SS officer also known for his nickname ‘The Butcher Of Prague’ Reinhard Heydrich.

As Czechoslovakia was forced to be under Nazi reign, this kind of act of resistance would set the precedence. But it would also give birth to a huge anger from Nazis towards the people of Czechoslovakia. It was simply a sure thing that if the assassination was successful, Nazis would take a big revenge on innocent Czechoslovaks.

Was this fair towards innocent people who had no idea about two paratroopers who put the whole nation under risk of losing more innocent lives?

On the other hand, if there was no resistance from anyone under Nazi reign, where would we be today?

I know it’s easy for me to say it now, when the only enemy I have is an invisible virus that wants to kill me. But still the war means that innocent people will die. War is the time where you write a history for the next generations. And that is exactly what happened.

Jan (on the left) and Jozef (on the right)

I find the whole story incredibly powerful and close to my heart. It makes me so proud to say that these guys were my brothers in a way. They have done something extraordinary. They have sacrificed their young lives for a greater good. They have sacrificed their lives so I can live free and I could be born in Czechoslovakia during the peace time.

I am beyond happy that both British and American producers decided to create a movie about The Operation Anthropoid which does real justice to the story of Jan and Jozef. I have watched both movies — Anthropoid and The man with the iron heart — and I have analysed them in my YouTube video which also tells the whole story:

I’m also happy to announce that the movie Anthropoid is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

May 27th 2020 will mark 78th anniversary of the assassination attempt (attempt only because it took another week for Reinhard to die from the injuries caused by the attack) in Prague and I will definitely remember my heroes and thank them again for what they’ve done.

I will also do more videos and blogs and will make sure that people never forget what these young men did for us.

Let me know in the comments if you have seen the movie, if you ever heard of this operation! Thank you.

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