Why Planet Organic Crumbled: A Tale of Rotten Produce and Rotten Practices

Nicole Venglovicova
3 min readSep 12

I’ve been a regular shopper at Planet Organic for months, lured in by their promise of fresh, organic produce and a wide selection of health-conscious products. But my experience has been far from idyllic. With two stores in London now closed, it’s time to dissect what went wrong with this once-promising retailer.

Abysmal Customer Service

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: the customer service, or lack thereof. I’ve encountered some of the worst customer service imaginable at both London locations. Employees seemed perpetually confused, especially when it came to operating basic equipment like scales. The lack of enthusiasm was palpable; you could see it in the bored expressions on their faces.

One time, I stood in front of the smoothie counter, and an employee just stared at me. No greeting, no “What can I get for you?” — nothing. It’s as if the basic tenets of retail hospitality were completely lost on them.

Quality Control? What’s That?

The quality of the food was another major issue. Produce was often on the brink of expiration, sometimes even the same day of purchase. Fruits and vegetables looked like they were halfway to becoming compost. It’s a disgrace, especially for a store that markets itself as a purveyor of fresh, organic goods.

Big Brother Is Watching You

If the poor service and subpar produce weren’t enough, the security measures were downright creepy. In one store, a security guard followed customers around as they shopped. It’s hard to feel comfortable making purchasing decisions when you’re being watched like a hawk.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

You’d think that a slew of negative Google reviews would spur some action, but it seems management was content to let the ship sink. Complaints piled up, but there was no evidence of any effort to address these issues.

Nicole Venglovicova

Content creator, Youtuber and business owner based in London.